Friday, May 14, 2010

Fish Bowl Quilt Almost Done

I'm nearly done with the Fishbowl quilt now. I attached the binding to the front and just started sewing to the back. I do need to do a little finishing in the center area (redo the quilting on some spots and quilt a spot that I missed). I expect a finish in the next week. I also need to do some catching up on quilt labels. I'm getting a tad behind on those. I think I have 6 to do now.

Once the quilt is done, then I'll be doing more finishing on that ladybug quilt. The wings need to be redone (they are too small) and then I make and attach black spots to them. A couple of days of good solid work there.

Got a lot to get done. I plan to start the first of the Halloween quilts on June 1, so getting some of this other stuff out of the way is really helpful.

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