Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lost My Dad

My Dad passed away on June 30th, so things have been a little awry. He was 79 and he told me himself several months ago that he didn't think he had a lot of time left primarily due to his heart problem. He was buried in Fort Snelling Cemetery as he was a Navy veteran during the Korean Conflict. I was surprised that he got a rifle regiment and bugle - I thought that was reserved for active or career military.

I just don't FEEL like doing stuff, but I am still accomplishing slowly. It's been particularly hard to pick up the Pine Grove quilt to finish it. It would have been done on June 30, including the additional quilting my Mom and Dad asked for (it is for them). I'll likely get it done sometime in August, but for now, I'll let it go. I have continued to work on the Apple Core quilt at appointments. My relative will done with the twice weekly physical therapy and going to once a week, so my opportunities are going down for awhile. On the other hand, I am confident that I will probably finish all the sets needed to make a full sized quilt. I've decided that the apple cores will go right to the edge with a nice wavy binding at the end. It's a challenge I will try to meet.

I am making these cooling neckerchiefs for family members. I bought an example one at a craft show a couple of years ago and finally got the little crystals that are super-absorbing. Here's a photo of the ones I made for my sister and BIL. The Vikings one illustrates that you can use two different fabrics, although I'd go for the same color. If you decide to make these, be sure to go over your stitching twice if you don't have a specialty stitch that does it for you. You do NOT want these crystals leaking out where pets or children could eat them. In addition, this is not an item for children. I have 4 or 5 more to make. I'm also going to make some wider ones that attach with velcro for muscle injuries.


Finally, I will be getting back to knitting when it cools down. Right now, my hands always seem to be sticky due to either sweat or high humidity. I still have the tennis elbow, but if I don't overdo it, I can knit again. I need to get those 2nd socks done! Crocheting is still out, darn it.

Here's Polly earlier today keeping me company while I sewed. The Wall, basic structure anyway, is done, so once it cools down, I'm going to do something about those weeds. Photobucket