Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Cut Outs

As mentioned yesterday, I'm hard at work cutting out two Halloween Wedding Ring quilts. I've finished 82 insides and between 250 and 300 melons. I need 96, so I'm almost done. I hope to finish cutting those tonight and then will move on to cutting the semi-solid arcs to make two samples. I'm not sure if I will be using yellow or orange for the arcs. I have no shortage of both. I'm thinking red for the 4 patches (appear when you assemble blocks). I'm using the Double Wedding Ring template set from Shar Jorgenson (now sold by Omnigrid) and it really makes cutting this out quick, easy and accurate! If you get this set, consider getting something that applies to one side to prevent movement of fabric or your melons will shift as you cut.

Surprisingly, there was a lot less fabric waste than I'm accustomed to when doing fussy cutting for a large quilt. The melons don't have to be spot on like the center piece. After cutting out pieces for my Halloween version of Lucky Stars (Atkinson Designs), the remainder will go into a string quilt. I really thought I would have TONS of leftovers with this project given how much Halloween fabric I do have, but honestly, I'm not going to have any of the quilt shop fabric left and much of the Debbie Mumm will also be used up. So, it is looking like 5 quilts will use up all 96 yards plus I may have to buy backing for one quilt. The 5 quilts are: Witch quilt (top done), Spider quilt (top 50% done), 2 Wedding Ring quilts, 1 Lucky Stars quilt and MAYBE a sampler lap quilt depending on the remainders. My biggest concern right now is that because I have none of these quilts done, and all the nicer fabrics already cut, what am I going to use to cover the table where we give out treats this year?

Halloween Wedding Ring
I want you to know how tough it was to cut a lot of these can't-cut-it-fabrics! I may need beer to get through the next one.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cutting, Cutting, Cutting

My hand is starting to get a tad sore from cutting for 2-3 hours every day. The big moment finally arrived and I have started cutting into my can't-cut-it Halloween fabric! I'm cutting for 3 quilts - 2 Wedding Rings and 1 Lucky Stars. I need 96 inner rings and have cut about 72. Most also have 4 matching melons to complete the circle, but I know I'll have to use some random fill-in for that. Katier825 over at the Quilting Board provided me the cutting dimensions for Lucky Stars after I misplaced my pattern. It's here somewhere, but at least I can cut.

I had a lot of advance on the crochet project last week due to chauffeuring my Dad to the ER and then his subsequent appointments. Several appointments next week as well, so this project is going along pretty fast. I do want to gift it before the end of the year, so that works for me.

My sock knitting for the annual Sock Scarefest came to a sudden stop, alas. I'm having a little trouble with hand control. Temporary problem, but sometimes it's just best to set stuff down and ignore it for a couple of weeks and then pick it up again. I won't win any prizes, but I have the patterns and the finished sock will be a prize. Speaking of socks, while I am so-so on the LOOK of these socks, they are OH so comfortable and warm. I speak of Baba's Bed Socks made with Woolease. I have large feet (10W), and with my somewhat loose knitting, the size is perfect. They stay on. They don't wrinkle. They fit snugly. Try them! I finished these last April so only wore them a couple of times, but I really appreciate them now that it's getting cold. I plan to make another pair using more leftovers from a completed afghan. The only disadvantage is that two of my cats love the Woolease afghan and love these socks. I often find them in the hallway at night. Cat toys. Who would have thought?

House Socks

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crocheting and Cat Beds

A 3-4 hour appointment turned into 5.5 hours of solid crocheting. As a result, I was able to get nearly 3 of the large squares done last week. Each large square is about 14 inches and the entire length is roughly 43 inches. Once all the rows are done, I think I'll finish the edging in scallops. I love scallops.

Row 1 Granny

I have a lot of cat help at most times. But what they really do is sleep. Everywhere. All day long unless you are working on something and then they help. Their current favorite sleeping bed are the 2 boxes from the grocery store.
It's not like they don't have other beds. Its there. It's a cardboard box. I'm going to sleep in it.

Cleo-Claudine and Bart (he's the all black one). Cleo and Bart tend to sleep together. Bart is very much a mama's boy. See that ugly chair in the back? I'm hoping to refinish it before it snows. Gotta buy some paint stripper this week.
Cleo and Bart

Polly in grocery cardboard boxes. Too tired to even look up.
Polly Sleeping

Here's the cat bunk bed. I think this photo was taken last Spring. From top to bottom is Bart, Cleo-Claudine, and Sylvester.
Cat Bunk Beds

Here's Polly sleeping in a chair. Too funny.
Polly Sleeping

We bought these beds for about $6 at Walgreens. Polly was in it so quick, I didn't even have the tag off! This is their winter livingroom bed.
Cat Bed

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Crocheting Afghan Again

Well, today I'll show you progress on the crocheting project. This is the my take-a-long project granny afghan. It's based on a photo for a kit sold at Mary Maxim. After getting my leftovers from the rose afghans together, I realized that I had only 3 skeins of white and 5 or more of rose and green, so my color arrangement had to vary.

Pink & Green granny Progress

Here's a closeup. Threading in the ends is always such a pain in the neck. So, I just stick in DVDs and watch movies or series while threading in. Star Trek Next Generation is good for this since I've already seen most episodes before, although some were so long ago, I've forgotten them. I'll have to start crocheting the larger blocks now. I do want to finish this afghan (as well as the Ladybug afghan that continues to linger) before the end of the year.
Pink & Green Granny Closeup Progress
After I finish these two projects, I have 5 more afghan projects for which I have yarn. Planned projects include a dragonfly afghan, an Irish Rose pillowghan, Winnie the Pooh, and an animal afghan.