Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Cut Outs

As mentioned yesterday, I'm hard at work cutting out two Halloween Wedding Ring quilts. I've finished 82 insides and between 250 and 300 melons. I need 96, so I'm almost done. I hope to finish cutting those tonight and then will move on to cutting the semi-solid arcs to make two samples. I'm not sure if I will be using yellow or orange for the arcs. I have no shortage of both. I'm thinking red for the 4 patches (appear when you assemble blocks). I'm using the Double Wedding Ring template set from Shar Jorgenson (now sold by Omnigrid) and it really makes cutting this out quick, easy and accurate! If you get this set, consider getting something that applies to one side to prevent movement of fabric or your melons will shift as you cut.

Surprisingly, there was a lot less fabric waste than I'm accustomed to when doing fussy cutting for a large quilt. The melons don't have to be spot on like the center piece. After cutting out pieces for my Halloween version of Lucky Stars (Atkinson Designs), the remainder will go into a string quilt. I really thought I would have TONS of leftovers with this project given how much Halloween fabric I do have, but honestly, I'm not going to have any of the quilt shop fabric left and much of the Debbie Mumm will also be used up. So, it is looking like 5 quilts will use up all 96 yards plus I may have to buy backing for one quilt. The 5 quilts are: Witch quilt (top done), Spider quilt (top 50% done), 2 Wedding Ring quilts, 1 Lucky Stars quilt and MAYBE a sampler lap quilt depending on the remainders. My biggest concern right now is that because I have none of these quilts done, and all the nicer fabrics already cut, what am I going to use to cover the table where we give out treats this year?

Halloween Wedding Ring
I want you to know how tough it was to cut a lot of these can't-cut-it-fabrics! I may need beer to get through the next one.

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