Sunday, January 05, 2020

Fabric Frolic and stuff

Finally, I'm back to sewing, stitching and needlestuff!   I have to find new storage for photos.  I have google storage for updating my computer, so gotta figure out how to do the photos and link them.  Photobucket is charging too much compared to other places.
I have a new sewing space. It is small, it is not yet done. Lighting is my primary problem at the moment.  I actually had a choice of moving myself into this room and turning my bedroom back into the sewing room that it once was.  However, my cats all have arthritis now and that is the window that faces the bird feeders.  They jump up on bench to the bed and can either lay on the bed and watch the birds or jump into the deep window space to watch up closer. I couldn't take that away from them.

Partly due to loss of family, I plan to reassess my fabric hoard in the Spring. I only have so much space for quilts and only a few family members who need quilts.   I'm not keen on using my fabric primarily for charity projects - I just can't afford it as I would have to buy additional fabrics to make stuff.   Yet, what do I do with finished pieces? So I do plan to use some of the fabric for curtains in the bedrooms, and perhaps selling some of it and using the cash for other purposes.

I'm doing Bonnie Hunter's ( current mystery quilt called Frolic.  I'm on part 3 and part 7 was released on Friday.  So, it's a catch up game.  She's asked that we not reveal the mystery for awhile, so I won't be uploading any photos until at least February. :) Cool fabrics though!

Knitting - for this year, I am mostly just knitting socks.  Due to vision loss, I no longer buy any knitting patterns.  I can still knit - but complicated or lacy things are too hard - If I drop a stitch, I can't easily pick it up to fix it. My current goal of weight loss, if met by next Fall, will enable me to justify buying yarn to knit up a new sweater.  Now that the house is not kept as warm due to moving my disabled brother upstairs, I'm much more comfortable, but still need a sweater when the temp is hanging around 30F as the furnace doesn't run as much.

Cross-stitch - I discovered, despite the vision loss, that I can cross-stitch again now that vision has stabilized.  I can't stitch 32 ct fabric (although I plan to finish one ornament using a magnifying glass) any longer.  Some 28 ct works well, others do not.  There are lot more projects I can do with Aida.  Finished one easy project and almost done with a second. Then I plan to focus on the many SALs I joined and turning my UFOs (Unfinished Objects) into WIPs (Works in Progress) again.

SALs include Chopping Mall, Harry Potter, Space, and Familiars.  A little behind right now due to having fabric and all of them starting at the same time, but there is a lot of time in between for 3 of them, so I will catch up.  I have to have my feet up in the evening, so I get a lot of stitching in most evenings.

Finally, I am finally on Facebook.  I won't be linking this blog to my account, but I was really amazed how many of my yahoo groups are now on Facebook.  Alas, what used to be groups of 400 where you could easily get to know 20-25 fellow crafters, they are now huge groups of thousands.  So much for interpersonal groups.

Friday, November 20, 2015

I finished something!

I finally completed a project!  Finished this a couple of weeks ago. I made a bunch of these Montessouri Math Mats.  2 different sizes.  They came out nice although I ran into some trouble due to shrinkage of the batting. I preshrunk the batting, but it was ready to shrink some more. Sigh.  Anyway, the teachers really liked these and the kids all wanted to choose these over the older ones, so I guess it went well. I'll be making more in the Spring.  Note: I have NO IDEA how they use these to teach math, but they sure look cute. This was the equivalent of making a queen sized quilt, so lots of work.  Thank goodness for a walking foot!
Math Mats, both sizes.

Each one includes gross grain ribbon for tying for storage.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sewing is Happening!

Finally sewing again.  I think I am past most health problems that I can do anything about.

For a first project, I'm making Montessori Math Mats for my Aunt's school.  They have more than enough of the beads, but wanted enough mats so that there was 1 mat for 2 kids. They simply can't afford more sets.  My aunt bought the materials and I'm making them.  Pictured is my sandwich which is taped to an old card table awaiting a new cover. Plain black on the bottom, Warm and Natural for the batting.  My sample has the binding coming up from the back, which will then be folded over and sewn down.  I have 3 more backs to cut to complete the pinbasting for the tops I have completed.

This is how you watch birds when you are a feline who is really, really, tired.  This is an afghan I made my Mom some years ago. I don't think she really liked it as it gravitated back to me.  Mom likes her afghans large, despite being a smallish person.  I made her one that she loves, so no problem.  In any case, this is the original Mile-a-Minute pattern. I probably made 6 of these in different colors.  They were a great lunchtime project at work.

The afghan above was made from the pattern below. You can still get it in electronic format over at Annies Attic.  Easy, easy pattern - I recommend it for an experienced beginner. While I found that using a slightly heftier yarn for the center (where there white is) gives the resulting afghan more stability, it isn't absolutely necessary. Great pattern, but I chose to make it wider and longer.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jan Fan Swap Top

Sorry for the long delay.  Password issues.

I participated in a swap at in January and have made the top up.  Still without borders, but hopefully I can figure out what I want to do with it in the next week or so. I plan to do some unusual, for me, quilting in those white spaces.  Not sure if it will be McTavishing or other fillers yet.  It will be awhile before I can even pin the quilt, but I'll have to set up a time at my local quilt shop, I think.  This is a full sized quilt and the borders will just give a little overhang. I really didn't expect it to be so big given that the blocks are 8.5 inches, but there were a LOT of participants, so this worked quite well.

For the border, my first thought is a narrow inner border and a piano outer border similar to this quilt (cudos to Little Pieces of My Life blog).   I'm almost tempted simply to make a few more blocks (I have 4 leftover) and abandon a border in favor of a solid binding to finish it off.  Decisions, decisions.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Block for Swap

Joined a swap for Fall colors and here's my completed block (I made 12 of them).  I'm having a heck of a time getting photos online.  Yahoo forced me to change my password one day.  Ever since, I've been unable to get photos from my Itouch.  Of course, yesterday, I made the connection that I could just attach it to the computer and upload (duh), but I was determined to make my email work again on the Itouch. I'm happy to report it now does. Now, if only I could figure out the problem with the newspaper on my Itouch, my life would be easier.

Here was what I was working on at the Sewing Expo. These are Easy Peasy Pineapples and they are very easy. You have NO IDEA how much easier this is. I can't get my head around paperpiecing and this totally skips that part.  There is a lot of precutting - strips and strips of it, but otherwise, pretty darn easy.  I have to go on Friday or Saturday to buy more fabric to enlarge this a little bit now that I know what I'm doing.  Of course, I could leave it that way and just make it a wall quilt? Naw.  If you also want to make an Easy Peasy Pineapple quilt without any math and without paperpiecing, go to the following website and buy the specialty ruler. So, so easy.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sewing Expo

This week, I went to the Sewing Expo for the first time.  Really enjoyed myself.  I attended a class on Easy Peasy Pineapple quilts and yes, it is easy peasy.  I hoped to put up some photos, but am having trouble getting photos to any of my photo accounts to upload. Technology. Always changing, sometimes for the better, always with some difficulty.

I've finished all the blocks for my current swap at QATW.  Just have to press and add sashing tonight.  I really wanted to participate in another swap, but it's not wise for me to sign up for anything just now since I don't know that I can complete it.

I'm almost done with a sock from the Scarefest Socks at Ravelry.  I'm currently on the heel and plan to finish that this week.  Then to start the next one. I'm not a fast knitter, but I am determined not to have 8 projects around with just one sock completed.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Oh, To Be Home Again!!

Finally, I am back home!  Brought a lot of produce from my sister's garden/orchard, so will be doing some canning tomorrow. At the very least, will be making a couple of apple pies.

On the knitting front, I am working on a sock from Ravelry's annual SuperSock Scarefest.  I'm still working on the first sock.  I've finished the leg and have just started the heel, but had to rip back because something was going awry.  I think I miscounted somewhere as the K1 Sl1 was not resulting in any kind of ribbed look. 

I have sewn half of the binding to the back on my BIL's quilt.  If I can find the thread, I am going to work on it tonight while listening to an audiobook.  I really SHOULD be going through my junk mail and tossing, but I just don't have the attention span for that today.  Besides, my kitty has been missing me and she will plop herself either next to me or on the quilt.

I noticed that my brother's cats sat weirdly due to many hours of watching birds on a hard surface.  So, I placed a quilt there and that awkward stance mostly vanished after a few weeks.  Clearly, something was needed here.   Since I wanted the quilt back, the cats needed new padding. 
Window Cats
Gus and Walter (both a tad over a year old) on my quilt.

I needed 2 pads and a bolster.  The first pad was a wide one to give room for 2 cats.  I also needed a bolster because the window ledge was 3 inches below the table.  The pads were constructed of leftover flannel from quilts and some ugly camo fabric my sister had acquired as part of an auction.  I made a square pillow for the bolster, but sadly, one end is quite wonky.  The cats don't care as you can see in the photo below with Walter lounging.
Walter resting between events

In addition, I made a cat pad for Ashley, who is about 16 years old. She was recently diagnosed with arthritis and even a favorite chair sort of cripples her up when she naps.  She loved this pad the moment I put her on it. The side she is currently sleeping on is flannel. The other side is fleece (Univ. of MN) which she may prefer when it gets colder. I hope it makes up for the fact that she no longer has my sewing machine rolling cart to sleep on. 
Sleepy cat