Saturday, June 10, 2006

Here's an important reminder. Back up your digital photo files! Do it this week! Don't be the person who discovers that she has lost all her photos of her 2 year old (who is now 5). Remember, when your hard drive fails, which it will, you will either lose everything not backed up or have to pay a lot to have someone try to recover what you lost. Currently, I'm going through my files to purge that which is unworthy of data bytes. Then, I'm backing up to both a removable HD and disc since either potentially can be corrupted. I'll admit, I only back up files about once per quarter. I may have to do so more often and get more things off the computer as it takes so darn long for the Ad Aware and virus checkers to run! Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Still working on the shawl. I'm up to 137 stitches and something has gone awry. I seem to be dropping stitches somewhere and will have to pull out about 6 inches worth of knitting to figure it out. My slope became a stairstep. Not good.

Also received my order from Maggie's Crochet. Yes, another ladybug afghan!! Also bought a bunch of patterns that are just fun such as more afghans, toilet toppers and a rug. Doing a couple of rows everyday on the Winnie The Pooh afghan as well (I have added a link in the sidebar that includes the graph). Tomorrow, I have to spend a while working on my car and figuring out what projects to take for housesitting. Yes, I get to take care of the kitty herd again, but only for a week (and another week in August). At least one quilt will be quilted. I'll also be going to the Minnesota Quilt Show, held in St. Cloud, next week as well. I will likely go on Friday since there is a lecture I'd like to attend.

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