Thursday, August 17, 2006

Slow Going

I've been a little slow going on the crafts this week. Slight achy injury and I just don't get stuff done and I whine a lot. Not to mention catching up on all the junk that arrives in my emailbox! Found the border fabric for the Maple Leaf Quilt. I'll be cutting and sewing that tomorrow with a goal of getting the quilt tied this weekend. In addition, I am sewing, sewing sewing on those paddlewheels. I found more of the same background fabric and am getting those odds and ends taken care of. I have one more quilt that primarily uses Thimbleberries fabric (trees in a column). After that, it's using up scraps and moving on to brighter colors. As much as I like the richness of Thimbleberries fabrics, I need to steer towards things that are brighter.

I really do like this paddlewheel pattern. It looks like it would take longer to make, but you just zip right through. I'm thinking of making a second to use up my box of homespun fabric. I want a lumberjack type quilt eventually (think red/black plaid), and this would work!

Another mainstay of culture has fallen as well. Betty Crocker is closing their merchandise store. No longer will you see those little points coupons on their boxes. The bigger concern was to be sure I had all the pieces for my Brahms flatware and added any missing pieces. Fortunately, I was able to get everything except one iced drink spoon (lost in one of my moves).

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