Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Here's a SMALL section of the livingroom all dressed up for Halloween. What does this have to do with quilting?! Well, see that fabric the stuff is sitting on? That's the future Halloween quilt! I have enough yardage for 2 quilts (front and back) draped around the livingroom and entryway. !

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I spent the evening babysitting kitties and working on Mom's afghan. Here's my progress. I only have a couple of more rows. Mom, of course, will say it needs more rows. I am prepared. Extra yarn!
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Finally, here's the kitty family all in a jumble. They were 3 weeks old yesterday.
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Guinifer said...

Those are some sweet babies, I'd sure like one, but I know there are no more kitty babies allowed at my house (sigh).

Sari said...

The afghan is very nice. And the kitty babies are really sweet!