Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sister's Choice Top is Done!

In between all the things that have been going on this month, I finally finished the Sister's Choice quilt top. I will get the backing sewn up today or tomorrow. This quilt will be tied, so should get done quickly. It is full sized (70x90 inches) and is actually going to my sister. The 9 patches are all individual scraps, but I did keep with the light/dark of a typical 9 patch. Today was extremely windy, so my photo isn't the best. I should add that I believe this pattern is usually called Farmer's Daughter.
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This quilt is rather busy the way I did it. However, the recipient and my Mom like it, so that is good. I'm sure I'll make this pattern again in the future.

Here's the bulging kitty. She expands on a daily basis and I expect kittens in the next week. You can clearly feel individual kitten parts now, which were a little hard to tell a week or so ago.
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joyce said...

I think the quilt looks great as it is but then it can never be too scrappy for me.