Friday, October 27, 2006

Weight Loss Quilt

Someone suggested a weight loss quilt. A block for every pound lost. Well, since I have a lot to lose, mine are 6 inches (sashing will make them 8 inches). I've made 7 of them having already lost 7 pounds on the current diet ( The particular pattern I'm using is from "Making Scrap Quilts to Use It Up" by Lynne Edwards. There are many similar (and free) ways of doing this block.

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In addition to my personal weight, I am also trying to lose some pounds of fabric. So, I joined the No Buy group for a year at Stashbusters. It starts on Nov. 1. The goal is to shop your stash and only buy what you need to finish off a project made mostly with what you have on hand. I can still buy such things as backgrounds, backing, binding and batting since these are things that usually aren't there with your fabric hoard (and note..they are all B words). So, other than getting the rest of my fabric for the Thimbleberries BOM (note BOM..a B word), my shopping is going to slow way down. My goal for the year is to cut the fabric stash back to the original 12 half boxes that fit under my cutting table. I do have to get more fat quarters for the Weight Loss quilt (before Nov. 1) because blue is something that I've nearly completely used up in my stash.

My sister's quilt (Sister's Choice or Farmer's Daughter pattern) is now sandwiched and ready for tying to begin this weekend. I expect to have that process done in about 2 weeks or so. I am also more than 50% done with my Mom's rose afghan. I continue to work on it in the evenings.

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claudia said...

Wow! What a great idea! A weight loss quilt! I have just lost 3.8 pounds in the last two weeks at WeightWatchers. I would like to do a quilt too. Thanks for the idea, I hope you don't mind me snatching yours. That would be a great way to keep myself interested, cause then I would have a quilt to make me remember at the end of my "life style change" I have a hundred pounds to lose. Now I need to go buy a king sized bed! LOL. Good luck with your quilt, I will be watching your progress.