Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Quilting

I'm plugging away on the Fishbowl quilt. I tried several different quilting styles on the bowls and nothing looked as good as the meander, so that is what they are getting. It's because I am making myself use the variegated thread. I KNOW everybody will wonder why I have an issue with it, and I guess it is personal preference. I just don't like variegated thread. However, I have 5 spools and a cone of it and I gotta use it. Looks good in the border, however.

If you have read substantial portions of my blog, you know that I love quilt-as-you-go methods because they are just easier - sometimes more time consuming, but easier for a large quilt. Quilter Andrea has created a step-by-step that is VERY clear for anybody who wants to put blocks together after quilting. Here is the link and I will keep it over in the side bar under my quilting links.

Quilt As You Go Tutorial

Tonight, I'm working on the Baba's socks while recording V for my brother. Sorry, bro, but I just don't like 'V'. But, I am taking commercials out, so I hope you enjoy it.

I won't be getting the Ladybug afghan done by the 15th. Can't find my stupid knitting bag. It's gotta be under something and probably staring me in the face, but I just can't find the darn thing. Just another reminder that I have too much stuff.

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Andrea said...

Hi Stephanie - thanks for coming to my blog. I can't reply personally as you are set as no-reply. Good luck with the stashbusting xx