Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Projects and Near Dones

Lots of things I have been working on when I should be doing other things. Just finished attached the binding to the front of the Waterfall quilt, so that is an almost finish. I expect that I will finish it in a few days. For the first time, I finally used the instructions for making continuous bias binding from a rectangle. Went very smooth. I learned from the last time - just make more than you need and save the leftover for some scrap quilt or potholders.

Started a pair of Baba's Bed Socks finally using leftover blue Woolease. The instructions say to cast on using 2 strands of yarn. Ok... remind me to never again try to do this using 2 ends of the same skein. It works, but it was just a dumb thing to do. My only excuse was that I was rushed. I couldn't find my knitting bag and I needed a take-along and it was the only thing where I could quickly nab yarn, needles and instructions and zoom off. I foolishly only grabbed ONE skein of yarn. Anyway, this is a top down on double pointed needles pattern. I finished the cuff and since it goes right to the heel, I expect, it won't take too long to do.

My goal has been to finish the ladybug afghan by April 15, so I really have to get a move on that one. I'm at a point where everything needs to be done at home, so I have my large clipboard to hold the background piece while I attach. Periodically, I have to stop and make more spots for wings. They are tougher than they seem to make because of the black, but the stitches themselves aren't particularly complicated.

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