Thursday, February 11, 2010

Prepping and Fixing

I continue to get stuff ready for the Ravelympics. In light of that, I was at the yarn shop (All About Yarn) and bought some turquoise mohair for the Kitty Pi bed. $40. I was trying to choose between two blues, not terribly happy that they were so dark. One would have been $32 while the other was $63. Both were great yarns, but do I really want to spend $72 to over $100 on a cat bed? No. So, I went to Bought some lovely blue mohair and Wool of the Andes for the base. Cost? $34. I will exchange the mohair tomorrow for something nice for me. Probably some sock yarn. It's not that I don't mind spending the money (I do, but it's for knitting!). I had 3 cats reject the last Kitty Pi bed. Fortunately, my sister's cats love their Kitty Pi bed. Without knowing whether my cats will simply prefer the latest shipping box from Amazon or the expensive, luxurious bed that I hand crafted for them, I'd rather spend less. However, as mentioned a couple of weeks ago, there is the chance that the yarn won't get here before the end of the Olympics. In that case, it will be a post-Olympics project.

Projects that are ready include the Homespun Granny Square afghan, the Robot, 2 socks in progress, snowboarder hat, Buffy potholder, sexy red sox and the shawl that will be deconstructed due to nonusage.

Brought my sewing machine in to the fix it guy (Gratz Sewing in Plymouth). He says it should be ready by Tuesday, so quilting future quilts will have to wait. Guess I'll have to focus on dealing with scraps and cutting stuff up instead of sewing for my 1 hour quilting work for a few days. Took the bad stitching out of the hulls of the Tall Ships quilt. I'm definitely looking at getting this machine replaced this year. Just don't know how much I can afford.

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