Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Little Quilting, A Little Knitting

Yesterday, I struggled with the bunnies for Grandma's Bunnies. I have not yet declared defeat, but the glue to baste down the edges of a bunny applique just isn't working. I think I need that glue stick. Tomorrow, I'll get the background fabric and can start attaching one to see if I need to redo the others.

Today, I quilted the main part of the Tall Ships wallhanging. Lots of progress! I'm thinking of leaving the sails and the boat hull unquilted. I really like how the quilted area pops the unquilted area out. I'll decide tonight.

Tonight, I'm going to start the Star Trek potholders. I need to know how to do double-knitting for a project during the Ravelympics, and since the pattern is based on this one, I'll do Star Trek first. My sister has been nagging me for it. My other sister LOVED her Star Trek washcloth.

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Anonymous said...

I am the sister who already got a star trek washcloth, and it is TERRIFIC! Any trek lover would want one. I think perhaps I should get a copy of the pattern and file it away forever, in case my knitting sister loses the pattern and I need another one. A SUPER homemade gift for any star trek fan.