Friday, February 12, 2010

Let the Needlework Games Begin!

I'm in all 3 - Ravelympics2010, Ancient Crochet Games and UFOlympics.

My starting project tonight will be the granny afghan. It's mindless and doesn't require me to watch it much so that I can watch the Opening Ceremonies, followed by recording Caprica and then on to my Buffy marathon. The afghan is such a large project that I have it in both the Ravelympics and Crochet Games.


The Lacy Sock is my entry for the UFOlympics. It was my first toe up sock and I'd like to finish it first. It was after this sock that I tried and loved knitting with just 2 circs. I also am far less intimidated by the lace pattern. Even with my experience, it's hard to believe that I'm still intimidated doing what really are truly easy things. Rather than risk a change of gauge, I will continue to knit this on double pointed needles.
Lace Socks Progress

On the quilting front, in order to maintain my 1 hour of sewing or cutting without my machine, I cut up scraps yesterday and today. I have enough to do so again tomorrow. Gotta keep taming the scrapmonster.

Hey, I was excited to find out that KnitPicks has already shipped my order! Maybe I'll be able to start it next week!

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