Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crocheting Near Finish!

Just thought I'd show you some progress on the crochet front. Here's a photo of the Granny Square afghan. I've completed the body. I still need to work in ends and then do the edging. I plan to make some crocheted kitties to attach and personalize this afghan. This is just brainless crochet for someone as experienced as I am, but it sure looks nice. I still have a LOT of leftover green and pink, so yes, I'll be making another one. I cannot BELIEVE how many skeins I bought thinking I wouldn't have enough and of course, Mom then wanted a change of green. I don't know who the final afghan will go to, but it will be my main project in December. I still cannot knit due to my arm pain, so a good time to work on the project.

I use a BASIC GRANNY SQUARE pattern and change colors every row. I'll include more instruction when I finish the afghan. Right now, I'm thinking of going with my favorite scall0ped edging. I'm going to first consider some of the edging options in 50 Crocheted Afghan Borders. I was hoping for something more like a flat braid, but using an H hook, that doesn't always work in a larger size. We'll see. I'll experiment tonight.

Granny Progress

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