Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FMQ with Diane Gaudynski

Here's a photo of my square using Diane Gaudynski's instructions to make a feather. This takes a good deal more practice than I thought. I did 10 pages of feathers with a sharpie and they were looking pretty good. When I get to the machine, they tend to look like leaf fronds. They are the nicest leaf fronds I have ever made, so I'm still proud of the progress. I also didn't turn my square (you aren't going to do that when you have a queen sized quilt), which was very helpful since practicing on small stuff doesn't always work take it to your larger project. All in all, I'm very happy with my progress, but I need to really practice that teardrop shape.

I tossed the other 3 squares that I did, but this one came out nice enough to make it into a mug rug. What I'm thinking of doing is taking the thread out of the machine and practice making tear drops with just the needle and paper. In the meantime, leaf fronds.



claudia said...

I think it looks pretty darned nice! Good job!

The Elder Sister said...

WOW!! You know I know nothing about quilts, but that's awesome!