Tuesday, February 21, 2006

UFOlympics Slowdown

I finished the first panel on the Ladybug afghan! I started the next one, but decided, instead, to work on Anubis and get him done so that I can buy frames for the pair this week. This was, after all, a birthday present. So, I worked until Midnight and am about 75% done. I hope to finish tonight. Here's my progress. I should have taken photo before the sun disappeared. That eliminates this moire stuff.
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Anonymous said...

Happy stitching and knitting. You move along fast. Ann.

Glenda said...

I've just read all your UFOlympics posts with the tales of needles going on a bender and yarn gone awry, and I must say "I salute you!" I've never worked on intarsia knitting, so I feel total respect for anyone who does, especially for a big project like an afghan. Keep up the great work!