Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Yes, Happy Valentine's Day-- even to you cynics who just can't get around holidays they don't care for. I would say to them - lighten up! Find some joy in the day--do something special for someone else even if you don't have a spouse or Significant Other. In honor of the day, I bought myself some very expensive chocolates. Not many, but a few. Yum! Also bought Mom and Dad a box of sugar-free truffles. Mom loves truffles and turtles and Dad's diabetic, so that seemed a good present. My sister made little flower bundt cakes. Yes, Bundt now makes a flower mold and it looks like it works perfectly. I will try to take some photos of the little roses.

I didn't watch much Olympics yesterday (had to watch 24 and also was cooking), but did get a fair amount of knitting done anyway. I'm about 1/8 through another ladybug. Unfortunately, now that I have a cold and sneezing and coughing, it's taking a little longer. Made a huge pot of chicken soup today, so if nothing else, I can eat that (along with the little rose bundt cakes). The bad news is that everybody is sick. The good news, is because everybody is sick, my sister's birthday celebration will be delayed until next week, so I still have a chance to get old Anubis done in time!

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Cynthia said...

Hope you start feeling better soon!