Monday, March 06, 2006

National Crochet Month

This is National Crochet Month! I'm still working on other stuff, but in honor of this month, I started my mom's Rose Motif Afghan. Back in the early 80s, my Mom suddenly decided to learn how to crochet, probably because she saw this motif. A co-worker taught her how to make it, and wrote the directions. Mom never got around to working on it and had forgotton how to crochet. Last year, she finally decided that she didn't want to learn to crochet (she was 70), so asked me to make it. So, after running around buying yarns until she decided what she wanted, we settled on pink and medium sage green. It will also have a white background, but I have not purchased that yarn yet. I am using TLC Essentials yarn. This is a Red Heart yarn that is very soft and flexible and washes well. My Mom doesn't put afghans into the dryer, so that works well as this stuff fuzzes slightly.

The next challenge was figuring out how to make it the same size as her sample, particularly since worsted of the 80s is very different from what is sold today. I ended up making 5 of these motifs in different hook sizes before I discovered that a "K" hook was what gave me the size I needed. I don't think I've EVER crocheted anything with this hook, so at least it will now be used. Another unique thing about this pattern is that after the flower motifs are completed, it is actually the reverse that is the 'front' side. I am still left with the challenge of figuring out why the pattern results in a motif that is neither square nor rectangular. The sample is rectangular. In all my books, I found one granny square rose with 6 petals (most are 8). Unfortunately, that pattern does not use a granny square technique immediately after the flower, so I'm still stuck. I am so happy my Mom had samples, or I don't think I'd ever figure this out! Here is a photo of my 4th flower. I am now pulling the center much tighter so that it is near closed. Image Hosting by

As always, I need take-a-long projects and this one is it! I normally crochet when I'm watching TV or DVDs, so this one is ideal as the roses are difficult to do when your attention is split. I have to take a relative to a 3 hour medical appointment on Friday. I wonder how many roses I can get done then?

I have finished yet another Ladybug, so have 9 left to do before seaming the strips together.

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