Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quilting Projects This Week

First, the Train Quilt was completed last week. We've had a lot of rain, so hopefully, I can post a photo soon. This week, I'm working on 2 quilt projects. One is Big Busted and the other is Winter Fun. Here's a link my original posting of those projects.

Big Busted is a finished top from a quilt-a-long at Stashbusters earlier this year. I am piecing together thick batting from tying previous quilts to make a batting for this one. Whatever batting is left over will go into a cat pad for my precious pets. I have one more strip of batting to complete my batting for the center. This part has been a comfy TV project. I have abandoned the idea of using pieced flannel for the back. I don't have enough of coordinating colors and I don't want it to look weird either since this is a lap quilt for the living room. I'll look at Joann's and see what I can find in the way of Snuggle flannel. The scraps will be used in the cat pad.

Winter Fun was a swap from last winter. The top is done, I want to complete the quilt this month. Currently, it is pinned and I've done a small amount of quilting. This will be the first quilt where I'm using different quilting motifs in every block. It will be a wall quilt, so I will be adding a sleeve to the back.

I've had several requests from family members for wall quilts, so I think this winter, I can look forward to a few small projects. My sister threw out ideas such as fish, deer, loons. Her goal is to reduce the sound in her home (lots of wood floors). I do have a pattern for a large deer quilt, but honestly, I don't think that she has a wall that can accommodate it. I have a number of fish quilts I can do including realistic lake/river fish. For my bro, he HAS the wall space, but his interests are hard to gauge. I'm thinking anything forest-like that includes wild animals would work for him. When I get to him, maybe I'll show him some pattern ideas. He likes tapestries without a ton of detail.

Did a couple of other little sewing projects this week. Used some Vikings and U of M Gopher polar fleece to make a kitty pad for my dad's cat (for use while watching games) and a 16 inch square pillow for my BIL. Made a pillow case for my bro that matches the flannel on the back of his winter quilt (the Citrus Stars). The small amounts left over will go into more cat pads.

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