Sunday, October 18, 2009

Other Projects

Alas, due to a family illness, I have completed quite a bit more of the crocheted Ladybug Afghan. Now, all 35 blocks are done as are 9 ladybug bodies and several pairs of wings. I have to do the circles for the wings at home (that black is just hard to crochet in all but bright light), so I am seeing this going along at a quick pace.

I have 4 pairs of socks that will continue to be worked on until done. As far as the From the Top Down KAL on Ravelry, I'm on hold until November and December. During those months, only a basic sock is being done, so I'm pretty confident I can get those done during the month. In fact, one will just be a redo of what I started in August (sock toe was too big so I'll just start over). I really need to find a better backdrop for sock photos though. Hmmm...

After the first of the year, I'll be hanging up the knitting needles and returning to cross-stitching until Summer. Well, yes, I'll finish the started socks, but the rest of my sock yarn will be packed away until I get one or two cross stitch projects completed.

Finally, yes, the quilting projects continue. I just finished tying and trimming a scrap quilt yesterday. Then, I need to work on the quilting for my Mom's winter wallhanging. That won't actually take that long, but because I don't have a lot of pins, it's taking longer than expected. I need to quilt one area, then repin, and it's a pain.

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christine said...

I found your blogsite but cannot find the patterns for your towel toppers. I have tried to get onto your site - etc but it doesn't seem to be working. Any help would be appreciated. thank you Christine.