Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Coughing and I'm SICK of IT!

Whine ahead....
This coughing just never comes to an end. I knew this would happen again. I know it's going to last 5-6 months. I just hate it though because it makes quilting and even sock knitting, really, really hard. Ok..
End of whine.

I've been quilting away on the Winter Fun quilt. Made another mistake that I need to take out, but it looks like I will finally be finished with one side and can move on to the other. I am doing the border last. I seem to have some wavy issues there, so decided to wait until I was complete and work those out before I quilt them. It's a lovely all-over pattern, so any fix will pretty much disappear with the quilting. What is different on this wallhanging than other quilts, is that I'm doing a lot more quilting on it and more patterns. I'm trying out stuff I hadn't done before as well as perfecting that really small stippling.

The Ladybug Afghan is still not done, but close. I have finished all the wings and about 2/3rds of the bodies. I made the bodies in the wrong size, so had to do those over. Still have the flowers and all the wing spots to do. Maybe I'll focus on wing spots tonight as I find them impossible to do as a take-a-long. After that, it's really just a lot of hand sewing. My goal is to finish by the end of the year so that I can start something new.

Already joined Team Minnesota for the Ravolympics in February on Ravelry. I may join more than one group, but this will be the official one. My plans, at this time, are all small knitted projects. I will have a UFO (any pair of unfinished socks), a new toy (robot), and a pet project (a new felted Pi bed using Wendy Johnson's newer pattern). I'm putting all the patterns, tools and yarn into a bright red, zippered tote. Not only will I be able to find it come February, but Polly has not yet figured out how to open this particular tote, so the yarn will remain there. I really do get a lot done during this periods een if I'm not watching it on TV. I get VERY frustrated with the coverage. I missed a major upset the last time in skiing because they cutaway before the event was finished. Arrgggh... I have never skiied (I'm too clumsy and know better), but I love to watch it.

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