Friday, December 04, 2009

Shopping Continues

Using another Mill End coupon, I bought the background fabric I needed for Bonnie's new Mystery. It's expensive going on No Buy for a year, but by limiting myself to buying only the B's only (background, backing, batting), I'm saving a bundle. I am also on no buy for quilting books, although I will get something quilting related with the Christmas money I have. Honestly, I should really clear out half my book collection because I really don't have the space, but it's hard to give them up.

Spent THREE days fixing the Winter Fun quilt. I did a fabulous job of a shingle pattern on the house roof and then realized that the white roof was supposed to indicate a snowdrift. Had to take it all out and now I'm ready to requilt it tomorrow. I'm free forming various patterns in all the white spaces. Yes, some are leaves because I couldn't think of how to do a feather. My plan for tomorrow is to finish quilting this half and then, pinning the other half. Then I need to spend the rest of the day cleaning up and putting stuff away. Really needs it.

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