Saturday, November 28, 2009

Frenzied Shopping

As expected, I joined in on the Day-After-Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza. Resisted a lot, but bought more of what I needed than planned.

Mill End Textiles had a 60% off coupon and 1/2 off most other fabric. Located in MN, WI and the Dakotas, they carry a lot of end-of-run fabrics. You never know what they have. I used my coupon to get an entire bolt of marbled pink quilter's cotton for $2/yard. Also purchased some shirt fabric and a little Oriental fabric to send to a swap hostess who helped me a couple of months ago.

Today (Saturday), I took a run to Joann's. Bought about 6 spools of various cotton threads for 50% off. I was VERY disappointed to discover that they have discontinued literally all name brands of batting. So, from now on if I want something for a bed quilt, I will go elsewhere. I will likely continue to use the Soft and Crafty hi loft for tying, but I know that I will need to get 2 batts when I do. I do use Mountain Mist (the only brand they seem to have kept) for wallhangings. They do have Fairfield 80/20, but I've used it before and prefer Hobbs for my scrap quilts. I continue to get Quilter's Dream at the local quilt shop - that stuff is LUSH. Couldn't find anything to spend my 50% off coupon on so bought another skein of Bernat Sock Yarn. Bought some cute pink stuff too.

After that, I went back to Mill End because I had another 60% off coupon. Found ANOTHER bolt of backing fabric, this time a lovely oriental with pink flowers. The pink in the flowers goes well with the pink I bought yesterday, so this makes an ideal selection for a Reversible quilt. $2 yard. If you compared this fabric with a quilt shop, it is a little thinner. But it does compare favorably with Hancock's and Joann's higher end cottons.

I bought the Nov./Dec. 09 Quiltmaker magazine for the cover quilt (pictured left). I was disappointed to find out that it is done using fusibles. However, I really have to get over my resistance to that technique and just do it. I'll bet this will make a fabulous quilt. On the other hand, I may make the wall quilt to get my feet wet. I'm just resistant because I think that the fusible will make the quilt stiff.

I also like the tree quilt in the same issue (pictured right). My sister has requested some small wall quilts and this one would certainly fit her outdoorsy theme in the living room. This is a crib size, so I'd have to make it a tad smaller, but what a cute way to use up strips of green!

My energy levels have finally picked up from the H1N1, so I'm hoping to get some things accomplished now! Winter Fun is not quite half quilted. I needed some different blue thread to finish the quilting and now that I have it, I can move on with finishing the quilting, so that I can pin the other half.


Joyce said...

We live not far from Fargo (although we are in a different country, Canada)and now I really, really want to go to the Mill End Textiles there. How did you get hold of the coupon? I get them from JoAnn's all the time and use them when we go to Grand Forks.

Stephanie said...

Joyce, already emailed you, but the link for Mill End is

Print out the coupon. There is no limit to how many times you can use a coupon, but only one per visit.

SandyQuilts said...

You can always use Elmer's Washable School glue to hold the pieces in place. When you wash the quilt the glue washes away. Do you know Sharon Schamber? She has several FREE youtube video and one demos using the glue for applique.

I use elmer's for everything ... wish I had stock in that Company.

Good Luck.

Eddy said...

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