Friday, November 18, 2005

Harry Potter Day!

It's Harry Potter opening day and I will be off to that at 1 p.m. show today. I'm very excited. I also plan to see Zathura (sp?) this weekend. Trailer looked good.

I've been making progress in several areas since my last post. All my photos from the trip are developed or printed and I just haven't gotten around to uploading any here. Now, I'm sorting through in order to plan my scrapbook pages. Other than an album and pages, I don't think I actually need to buy anything else as I have so much stuff already.

Finished my cross-stitched Thoth! I have an actual FINISH for 2005!!

Mom has more towels for me to crochet. I have done all but the trim on 4. Still have 4 to go. These towels are for Ena, one of my Mom's coworkers. Ena bought towels that matched her kitchen decor. As a gift, my Mom is having me crochet the towels (yeah, I know, but its my Mom and saying no to Mom just so doesn't work). Ena and her husband, natives of Belaruse, just passed her US citizenship test and thus the gift (she speaks Russian, BTW). Then they will be able to go back and visit relatives without fear of retribution from the dictator state.

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