Friday, October 05, 2007

Sweater Progress!

Banff Sweater is coming along. I thought it was time to give you some photos. I can see that a middle of the day photo doesn't show detail well! What you see here is a completed front and an incorrectly done back (where the stitch holder is). It wasn't until I was doing the front that I discovered that I had been decreasing twice on every row instead of once at the beginning. Therefore, I have to rip out the back and reknit. However, the front came out nice and even and clearly raglan. As much as I like darker colors, fixing mistakes is difficult and this nubbly yarn just makes it even harder. I'm waiting for the next nice day. Then I can take my small, portable white resin table outside, set the sweater down and rip back carefully. Given the current heat wave (can you believe it is October?), I'm fairly confident that I have until Thanksgiving to finish this.

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Here is my completed sleeve which I finished on Monday. Again, the ribbing is impossible to see in this lighting, but the raglan shape is clearly visible. I have to bring relatives to several appointments this month, so should get a good way on the next sleeve.
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Here's the decadent Polly. This is her favorite napping position. Doesn't matter where. This chair, my bed, on the floor against a cool wall.
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Guinifer said...

I love how my Banff turned out, but seriously, are we ever going to have weather cold enough to use it?