Sunday, November 11, 2007

More Sad News

Sadly, my sister lost her 10 year old dog Brandy this week. It was a sudden loss due to complications of a severe infection.
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Brandy (photo taken in September)

On the crafting front, I am still working on the last sleeve of the Banff sweater. I had to pull it out and restart it three times because the ribbing in this nubbly yarn is so hard to keep straight. I decided to just do straight ribbing instead of the section of decrease and increase included in the pattern so that I can actually get the darn thing done this month! Also, finally figured out a new pattern to use for the quilt for my sister and BIL that uses Vikings fabric on one side and fishing/deer fabric on the other. It is a simple style and is based on this Thimbleberries pattern.


Trish said...

I am sorry to hear about Brandy. Where was the infection that she succumbed to from? Had she had recent surgery? Did she have bad teeth? A bite wound? Just curious is all, I'm a vet tech. It's hard to lose a family member!

Doris said...

so sorry for brandy..when i was child,,i lost my good friend Jim , a dog withouth pedigrĂ­,but, loyal and very happy dog,some time i miss him...