Saturday, March 06, 2010

So Much Done!?

I have to say that I've been doing so much better progressing on things lately. I think I've finished more items already in 2010 than all last year. Of course, many of these projects were in progress during 2009, but still. 2008-2009 was just a bad year for me due to all this coughing stuff going on and feeling plain worn out.

Knitting: Currently working part time on 3 alternating projects. I started my Kitty Pi Bed. I'm on about the 9th round. It's weird knitting 3 yarns together, but going well. I'll be thrilled when I can switch from the double pointed needles to the circs. My second project is the Buffy potholder, left over from the Ravelympics. I have to sit at the table to work on this project, so don't work on it as much. Still. Should finish this coming week. My third project is a UFO. I started these On Hold Socks last September. Finished one sock and then got stuck because something was arwy with the heel. Not really understanding heels and unwilling to spend hours ripping back and being unable to figure out where I was, I set it aside. Now that I GET heels, it was a lot easier to fix. I have finished the heel and about an inch up the ankle now. I expect to finish soon. I think I will avoid starting new yarn over patterns for awhile and stick with intarsia and knit/purl combination.

Crochet: I plan to just focus on finishing the ladybug afghan now. It is pretty close to done and a little focus will finish it. All the squares are done. I have sewn most of the ladybug bodies on. I have to redo many of the wings and then sew on the dots, but that is coming along. I started working on the daisies last week.

Quilting: I'm trying to stick with 1 hour a day because I really need to do a lot of organizing. I am currently quilting the Waterfall quilt. If I can get my shirt cut this weekend, I can then also start putting together the top sections for the Pirate Quilt which will quilted in sections and then, later assembled. My LQS has a re-grand opening, so I'm off to that in a few minutes.

Cross-Stitch: Set up materials to do a couple of little projects from one of Donna Kooler's christmas cross-stitch books. I wanted to do 5 of them and then can post the book either on Ebay or Paperbackswap.

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