Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy, Busy Month

This has been a busy, busy month. It's amazing how much work there is before and after a garage sale. Unfortunately, our garage sale wasn't all that successful. I can only assume it was because it was the first nice weekend in over a month and people were doing other things. Well, we'll be having another one in the Fall.

Also, during this month has had a Bounce Contest! Every day, you work 20-30 minutes on one of 3 projects (and 2 projects on Saturday). GG decides which numbered project you work on. Lots of progress. I'm almost done with my Panther Wallhanging, finished all the blocks for my oldest UFO (started 1992) and got a good start on the next Halloween quilt (as you saw in previous entry).

Here's a photo of my 134 pyramids finished on Sunday!! This charm quilt has more than 1,000 different fabrics.
Pyramid blocks

On the crochet front, since my cousin and his gal recently bought a house, I decided to make a granny square afghan for them using up the leftovers from the 2 floral afghans. They'll get a fancier one later, but right now, there is a house without an afghan and I need to correct that situation. I'm using 2 sizes of blocks, one block being the same size as 4 put together to get a more homey look. Guys are kindof funny about afghans. They can't be too 'pretty.' Anyway, 3 blocks are done and it is both my TV and away from home project.

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