Friday, June 17, 2011

Progress on Quilting

Not much going on in the knitting front. I hope to do the cat bed tomorrow, so maybe some before and after photos on Sunday.

I joined a June contest where I have to get an old project done before the end of the month to be included in the drawing. So, I've been working hard on the Pine Grove quilt which was started 6 years ago. I have roughly half the quilting done. It sortof halted a bit while I removed some quilting. Originally, I meander quilted in some of the sashing and then just gave up finishing the quilt because I was just exhausted from trying to quilt a queen sized quilt. Now, I take it in smaller chunks and have advanced to feathers.

So, all the sashing is getting freeform feathers. I still have to remove the meander quilting from 2 more sashed blocks, but I'm glad I decided to make the extra effort. The back, where you can see the actual stitching much better, looks great. Still to do are the trees and the large side triangles. I would like to do a fabulous feather for the border, but we shall see how that goes. I NEED to finish off the sashing, inner border and trees this weekend so that I can concentrate on the outer edges. My binding is already done and ready to be attached, but I still have to allow 4 days to get the binding sewn to the back. Yes, some of you are really fast at this, but I tend to be slow. One of my favorite parts of quilting is attaching that binding.

I'm also spending some time in doing reduction of stuff. I found my box of quilting books in the storage unit a few weeks back. As a result, I am parting with 15 books to make room for those books I really want to keep. It's tough, but I really don't have more space to expand to. Same thing with the fabric, although in the coming couple of weeks, some will become jammies and some curtains as well as a few other smaller sewing projects.

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