Sunday, October 09, 2011

Progress on QATW 2009 BOM

Posting during a break while sewing.  It's hot and humid today, so I'm not getting a lot done. Here's a photo of what's was done last night on the QATW 2009 BOM.  I changed the layout slightly (just switching two blocks).  All the flying geese were done long ago and those rows are in partial assembly.  I've sewn a row of flying geese to the first row and have started attaching triangles on the 2nd row.  I need to cut more, but have to wait for Polly to wake from her nap since her napping box is on top of the cutting table. This quilt is also large, so I'm going to be quilting it in several pieces.  Just trying to decide whether two pieces  is going to be too big to manipulate the fabric. Mrs. Trish, the original designer listed that this quilt is 83x101, so you can see why I don't want to do it all in one piece! I still have hopes of completing this today, although I admit, I always underestimate how long it takes to do rows.   The humidity seems to be going down a bit, so I'm hopeful that I might still get some quilting on the Witch quilt yet tonight.

Blocks are done

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