Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sweater Knitting!

I'm still suffering from recurrent allergy and lack of sleep problems, therefore not getting much done in the crafts. However, I do have some progress. I've now finished most of the back of my Banff sweater, just need to do the left shoulder. I've moved my needles to the front part while looking for my shorter circulars to finish the other shoulder and start on sleeves. My plan this week is to finish the back and front this week. The neckline and sleeves will take awhile because, of course, they are also oversized. So, lots of progress. I'm also working on getting most of my quilting stuff packed up for the painting to occur in either May or June. Sadly, I am having more and more trouble with vision, but as long as I can thread my machine, I will continue to quilt. I need to add more lighting, which will help. But it really is telling me to stop buying fabric. All this packing is helping. I finally found the missing ball of yarn for my purple sweater. It's all knitted, I just needed the yarn to sew it up. Maybe I'll get to it this weekend. It's supposed to be hot and sunny.

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This has been a busy month again for kitties. The kittens are now 6 months old and are getting spayed/neutered. Cleo was done last month. Kindof a slow recovery, but she is fine and actually much happier since spaying. I don't suppose going into heat over and over is particularly fun for her. Sylvester was done last month with no problems at all. Had Bart done and he's developed 2 abscesses. Poor thing. He is on antibiotics. Monday, both Polly and Alice were spayed and both are doing very well. Putting off Cuddles' surgery until we get this mite problem completely cleared up. She is still scratching, scratching, scratching, but the veterinary dermatologist says it takes 2-3 months to solve the problem.
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Featured Kitten: Alice (surrounded by my quilts and afghan)


Sarah Jayne said...

I'm about to have my kitten 'done' - she's booked in for next month. I'm looking forward to being able to let her out and let her use up all of her boundless energy. Although from past experience it's upsetting at the time in the long run it's the best thing for them. Love the photo of Alice - Flo seems to love quilts too ;-)

Guinifer said...

I also have a Banff on the needles - it's languishing in my bag - If I finish this Flair soon I will pull it out.

Did you do your body in one piece on circs? I didn't and now I am dreading the seaming.

Stephanie said...

Yes, I'm terrible at getting to seaming as well, so if I can do it in one piece, I do. The body is done on circs in one piece, but I split for the front and back. I didn't do the back correctly. I didn't realize that P1TBL meant Purl 1 Through Back Loop. Hmm.. I'll do it for the front though. NO DIFFERENCE if you are using nubbly dark yarn anyway, but might depending on your yarn.

Darlene said...

Haven't been here in a while. I've missed a lot. Been really busy myself.

Sweater looks good. I don't know very well but I love to crochet and can make just about anything.

With that extra stran of purple yarn you can make a scarf to match your sweater.

Cut kitties. The vet just put mine on antibiotics for a sinus problem. Getting him to take them has been interesting. I have several scratches on my arms from trying and he has only been on them for three days. I have another seven days. Got any suggestions. And don't say put it in the food. he won't eat it.

Good luck fwith the alergies and the sleeping problem. I have at time had both and don't like either.

God Bless. Darlene