Saturday, May 05, 2007

More Kitties

I've been spending way too much time on the computer lately and not enough time working on crafts. So, it's time for some kitten photos. They are now 6 months old and all but Cuddles has been fixed.

This is a near daily event. Kittens at the back door looking hard at stuff. While we other places for them to look, this is a particularly good vantage point to watch not only the comings and goings of the chipmunks, but also the feral cat that lives in back (we call it the musk ox). We added stools for watching. Saves on the screen.
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Sylvester, Bart and Polly

I have no shortage of computer help, but I wish they could help set up a web page for me! Cursor chasing is the latest game. Only Bart doesn't join in (he doesn't seem to like the computer fan and stays away).
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Polly helping me surf

Polly's little eyes kept closing and closing while waiting for me to go to bed (yes, she is one of my personal bed cats). Suddenly, her little head just plopped down, totally out. I took pity on her and shut down and took her to bed. Unlike Sylvester, who will wait for nobody, Polly doesn't want to be in a room by herself. I should add that she almost never goes into pots any longer because she doesn't fit. Despite all her practice names (Mittens, Julie, Potsticker), she comes to Polly pretty readily. She also adores the game of throwing the yarn ball up the stairs and chasing it down. Since she just got spayed, the vet says she can't run up/down the stairs for awhile, so in the meantime, she goes into my bag and pulls full skeins out, drags them over to the stairs and waits. I got the hint, Polly!
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It's tough to be a kitten.

If the computer is on, Cuddles is usually on it as well. Since she has occasionally slid off, she wedges herself into the palm tree and then sleeps. Alas, our Cuddles is not a thriving kitten and not only is still battling the mange mite problem (which has finally improved!), but she also had ear infections and eye infection. She's pretty stoic about her meds, and does seem to be on the mend. She's the feistiest kitten despite her problems, but I'm hoping that her growth will recover when this is all done. On the other hand, she still fits nicely on the back of the computer, while none of the other kittens do.
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Cuddles at work testing the computer for adequate heat capabilities.


Nancy said...

All together now - AWWWWWWWW!

How cute. I love kitty pictures. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Guinifer said...

Now I want to take Cuddles home with me, and I don't think Polly is going anywhere that you are not.