Friday, March 04, 2011

Electronic Cozies

I had a need and made something using STASH!! I got a Kindle and am concerned about scratching the screen when I toss it into my purse. I also have needed a custom armband for my Ipod for ages. I've had this cow fabric since the early 90s. Too thin for a quilt but didn't know what to use it for (it's darn cute). I decided to make a cover for my Kindle and an arm band for my Ipod Nano. Not perfect, but very cute. Less than 1/2 yard of fabric for both with enough left over to make perhaps one more small cozy.

Electronic gadget Holders

You can see the insides below. Let me tell you my mistake so that you don't repeat it. I made the Kindle Cozy with 2 layers of cow fabric using leftover batting (Warm & Natural). Sewed into a nice rectangle. Folded it up and sewed down. Did not take into consideration that no matter how slim the case is, you still need to allow for that depth. At least I figured this out before I sewed it down, so sewed about 1/8 inch further in on either side. It still looks good, but if you want it perfect, that last fold should be a little wider, say about 1/4 inch.

As for the Ipod Nano holder, I did not line the holder and I think I think I will do that next time. Just gives it a more finished feel. I made a loop on the back to thread the armband through and to make adjustment easier. First time I took it off, the case fell right through and on to the floor. So, I need to tack the band to the case. Lesson learned. Now I can wash dishes and work on projects without the Ipod falling or getting all tangled up in the earphone cords. I want to make one more case, large enough to fold the headphones into a pocket for taking along in my purse.
Kindle Case Inside of Ipod Arm Band

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