Monday, March 21, 2011

Quilt Came Home!!

I am happy to report that the Garden Party quilt came home today. Julie Ann did a great job of quilting it. It's a custom job and has lots of little details. Looks very whimsical. Now, on to making binding. It usually takes me a week to make binding, attach binding, sew to back, so possible photo soon. I also have a Friendship Star quilt that is getting quilted by another quilter. I expect that to arrive before the end of the month.

I am continuing my NO BUY for quilt fabric for yet another month or two. The next two or three quilts that I may send in to be quilted already have backing fabric, so other than binding, I really don't NEED any fabric. The real tough part is to not join any swaps. I just can't buy any fabric. There is one swap that is going on with flying geese that doesn't require me to buy any fabric at all, but I've fallen behind in my goals for stuff I already have, so am trying to resist.

I have 9 hearts left for the Hearts quilt. That project is in a bit on a slowdown, but I'm still hoping to finish the applique process this month. Have another 2 hour plus appointment to bring relative to on Friday, so no matter what, there will be progress. I still have the tennis elbow, so after I complete the hearts appliques I will move on to continue to piece an apple core quilt for my take-a-long project. Hopefully, I will be again able to knit or crochet in April sometime.

Completed Quilt Tops remaining to be quilted:

Barbie Quilt - to be sent out
Star Wall quilt
Pyramid quilt - dithering whether to send out or not
Courthouse steps
Small Halloween wallhanging - it's in a safe place. I just don't know where.
Pine Tree Quilt - in progress
Witch quilt

Expected tops to be finished this year:
Road To Ahs
2 Halloween Wedding Ring quilts
Japanese quilt (to be tied)

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