Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 2 - Thunderstorms

Almost couldn't post today due to thunderstorms. I will make this short. I've continued making HSTs. I also pressed fabric and started sewing on the pirate quilt top. This will be a reversible quilt, one side has pirate fabrics, the other will have jungle birds and diagonal strip blocks. I will be able to cut and sew the strips together, but have to get some lightweight fusible before I can cut them into squares since they are cut on the diagonal.

This photo shows you the mess I made in order to completely mix up all the finished sets of apple cores. Flip, flip, flip.

All neat now and ready to sew into rows!! The storage container is one of those packages of baby spinach you buy at Sam's Club. They are kindof flimsy containers but fine for storing a project of completed pieces. The Kitty Cat Quilt is the one I made for Sis and BIL several years ago.


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