Saturday, December 03, 2011

Happy Birthday Sis!!

Yes, my sis is now another year older than me. How does that happen you wonder? Well, I stopped advancing in years at 39. So, she's getting up there a little faster than me. I'm also late with her birthday card (again), but that seems to be me these days. I just can't manage deadlines very well. On the plus side, she will be getting a gift this year, but I can't post it until I give it to her.

With that in mind, I am doing the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt this year. Yes, I'm behind on that, but I dithered over whether to participate because I didn't want to buy a bunch of fabric. My Orca Bay is going to be in holiday colors - red/green and cream with black highlights (I did buy the black since I have none on hand).

I'm making a lot of progress on my 2 HST quilts - Zig Zag and Lady of the Lake (LoTL). I want to get all the rest of the cutting done this weekend and then sew, sew, sew. I might even have one top done by next weekend.

On the knitting front, I'm going to try to do a pair of socks every month. While I love, love, love patterns in socks, you don't really see if unless you are wearing it. So, I'll give the patterns a break for awhile and just get 4 or 5 done.


The elder sister said...

And here I didn't read your blog until the 12th!!

An update on the hot pink cat bed, which you made many years ago, and I'm pretty sure it's featured in your blog. That cat bed has consistently been a popular cat item, but now that Ptolemy sleeps so much, he has taken it over. If only all the cat-owned knitters of the world knew about this pattern, there would be more happy cats.

still the elder sister said...

Dec 23, 2005 is where the hot pink cat bed was discussed.