Saturday, October 15, 2005

Happy 75th Dad!

My Dad is 75 years old today! Given the amazing bad luck of medical problems that occurred 10 years ago, it's quite a celebration. He took early retirement years ago (been retired 20 years now) and still works on large household projects (the current one is installing a new whole-house air conditioner).

We had our family party last night. My Dad was a member of the original Mickey Mouse club in the 40s (it actually started in the 30s) and always enjoyed the character. My sister, Mary, made him his very first Mickey Mouse cake. Note the tiny Mickey heads going around the top. I normally climb on a chair and take a photo looking down, but my knee made that too difficult this time around.

On the craft front, I donated an entire box of scrap yarn to the elementary school that my Aunt works at in St. Paul. This school has a large poor and immigrant population whereas most of the schools in my area are well to do. Last year, I found them a whole bunch of yarn at garage sales (they've used it up in craft projects). So, I'm happy this stuff will be well used. As soon as I finish the current scrap projects, all the rest will go there as well (yeppers..I have a whole second box filled!). I leave for my trip on Wednesday, so am deciding what project(s) to take with me on my trip. Given that scissors and threading needles are an issue on the plane, I might take one thing for the plane and one thing for 'down' time.

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