Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I Miss My Mac and other silly stories

While organizing some of my photos on the computer, I came across a picture of my old Mac. I miss him. This is a photo of him moments before he was packed into the car to be taken away to be recycled in June 2004 (teary eyed moment). I bought him in 1987 at a cost of $1,500. I still haven't sold the printer (the 24 pin dot matrix one still has a market). My replacement Mac is older than dirt as well (bought in 1994), however, it still works for everything I need it for except for the Internet.

Anyway, along with that, I also found an opportunity to take a photo of another afghan that was finished in the past. This was my first Mile A Minute Afghan and made for my Mom. The light blue was Orlon, while the dark blue was a newer acrylic from Caron. I did this entire thing during lunch hours at work in 1992. This is a satisfying pattern-it looks pretty and finishes fairly quickly. A variagated gives an entirely different look. Change to woodsy colors and it's a guy afghan. With the no-dye-lot yarns, you have to be much more selective of yarn choices or the result isn't very soft. The specific pattern used for this one is a booklet (still sold at Joann's and Michaels) called Learn To Crochet The Mile-A-Minute Annie Way (there's a photo of the booklet in my July 15, 2005 blog entry). Lots of other Mile-a-Minute patterns are available, but the one I received from a gal in England is my very next one.

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