Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crochet-a-long and Old Project

Yes, once again, multiple projects. Today, I'm working on a potholder. As soon as that is done, I have to start working on a gift for another crocheter (a crocheted purse), now that I have all the materials. I still need a small amount of fabric for the liner, but that will wait for a shopping day. I also need to work on my robot. I'm not very good for much else this week - major sinus congestion is making me dizzy. I'm still kindof whiny about cutting back on coffee. I love tea, but it's just not the same (and I'm not counting the caffeine).

I joined the Lion Brand Yarn Crochet-a-long which started at the beginning of September and lasts for 6 weeks. We are all working on a sampler afghan. Here are two of my blocks. I'm using a P crochet hook and, as I'm a loose crocheter, my blocks are a tad above gauge. While these two come out the same size, the third block does not. I'm just going to add more chains to the foundation chain and make it a little bigger. The final size of the afghan according to the pattern is just a little smaller than average and this will bring it up to a more comfortable 45x60 inch. At the suggestion of several other participants, I went with Vanna's Afghan yarn. This stuff is SO soft and I would say virtually the same as the old Caron Sayelle that I used for all my afghans in the 80s and 90s. These colors are beige and dusty blue. They go fast and now that I've decided on sizing, I should be able to get a bunch done in the next week.

I am also back to working on my Leisure Arts 63 Stitches Sampler Afghan started in 2004. Yes, way back then it ended up on the sidelines. Here are blocks #39 and #15. I really like this puff stitch and plan to incorporate it in an afghan soon. I am working on at least one block a week on Thursdays. Yes, at that rate, it will take me until late next year to be completed, but when you consider that I started in 2004, next year is good enough.
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adrienne said...

i made that afghan years ago. yep! i actually finished it! i am so proud of myself!