Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Love My Ipod

Yes, I have joined the rest of you in Ipod heaven. FINALLY bought one and I'm glad I waited. I got a brand new, totally up to date, 4th Generation Ipod Nano with 16 Gigs of memory. It arrived at 9:30 a.m. yesterday and it is 75% full. Videos, you think? No, no, no. I bought this for podcasts and I have more than 400 on there already. Not just knitting, crocheting and quilting podcasts, but also cooking, audiobooks (in podcast form) and TONS of old radio shows. No video podcasts however. The ones I had chosen are not compatible.

Still on my list of electronic upgrades is a new mini-stereo. I can't decide what I want from what is available. Using earbuds or headphones while quilting just doesn't work for me, so I truly need all the functions including CD, MP3, tape and Ipod dock to play my various audiobooks. And I want it under $200. Some folks just want everything (that'd be me).
I Love My Ipod

On the craft front, I continue to crochet the Lion Brand Crochet-a-long afghan. However, I had to put it aside and make another kitty. I haven't decided how the face is going to look yet, so in the meantime, it will look more sculpture like.
White Kitty

Polly nagged me for many minutes last night, so I finally put this box on the table next to me and was in the process of emptying it, when she just flopped down and went to sleep on top of the stuff still there. During the day, she doesn't care, but late in the evening, she wants to sleep close by.
Polly Is Tired
Sadly, we are reaching the end of tomato growing season. I should have taken a photo of our fabulous collection of plants this year. Clearly, it was too cold last night and the tops of most of the plants have shrunken. The two plants next to the house are untouched. Only one plant looks like it was a goner, so I'm going out this afternoon (after it stops raining) and removing all the tomatoes from that plant. The rest will have some time to vine ripen.

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kate said...

hi there,
i just saw your comment on the ripple along blog about wanting the soft wave ripple pattern. If you search for the book on it has the search inside feature, if you scroll through, the pattern directions are actually shown online - hopefully this will save you the wait from the library :)