Thursday, September 18, 2008

Difficulties, Difficulties

I continue to work on projects. My attempt at making a Doppleganger of Sylvester hasn't gone so well. All knitted up. Can't figure out spatially how to sew the legs. Rats. Or Cats as it were. I also put the white on the wrong part of the head so will just make that into a cat toy and reknit the cat head. Hopefully, this all will be worked out today. This is UFO Thursday and I need to get working on another square for my 63 Stitch Sampler Afghan!

I just discovered Alan Dart knitting patterns and a helpful person in the UK provided me with scans of his stuff in magazines over the years. Wow! Very creative guy! I'm in knitting heaven here. There was even a Cheshire Cat. What inspired me originally, however, was the Gnome. Couldn't help myself. I once collected gnomes (especially music boxes) but calamity struck during a move and they are no more. This, however, can be thrown, dragged and beaten up by the cats and it will continue to grace my home. While designed for DK weight, it appears knitters haven't had a problem with worsted either. The eyelash for the beard has been discontinued, but I'm going to work with some of the Splash eyelashes to come up with a suitable substitute. I think Lion Fun Fur would also work, but it is a tad shiny for a beard.

Here is a link to the gnome completed by another knitter.

The gnome pattern can be owned by you by going to the link below. He only accepts Paypal. Patterns are currently about $5 each and are immediately downloaded.

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