Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's National Quilting Day!

We have sunlight again today! It is warm enough to go out in a windbreaker or light sweatshirt. Is this the end of coat season? Only time will tell. We still have potential for snow for another month. Also, it is National Quilting Day.

My favorite quilting board is on a Membership Drive now that all the quirks of the new software has been worked out. Originally, we were on MSN Groups which was difficult to stay on unless you had MSN as many features wouldn't work. Since Microsoft was abandoning MSN Groups, we now have a new website. If you like quilting and swaps, come on over and stay awhile. Go to and register. Your registration will be approved within a few hours. We've had NO spam or spurious jerks, but we are a somewhat small group all over the country.

Today, I'm working on the border for my brother's quilt AND trying to finish a hearts miniature in time for my Miniatures Club meeting on Tuesday. My inner points look better with freezer applique. I miscalculated when I added only a 1 inch border on my bro's quilt. To have the flying geese end evenly, I needed 1.5 inch inner borders, not 1 inch. So, I'll get to spend a bunch of time with my seam ripper. Arrgggh!

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