Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tied Up

I started tying the Depression Quilt today at the quilt shop. Not even a third done. Tomorrow, though I have more time and don't have to stop for other errands including buying the yarn to tie it (purchased at All About Yarn in Coon Rapids) . I'm using Cascade 220 wool yarn in a light oatmeal with colored flecks. Looks very nice on both sides. If I don't finish the tying tomorrow, I won't be able to finish until next week as I don't have the space at home to spread it out. Wool yarn has several advantages over both embroidery floss and yarn made from artificial fibers. When you tie it, it stays tied just due to the nature of wool. Even better, if you throw the thing into the washer and dryer (gentle please), it felts, further locking in those ties. Don't let this put you off if you want to use specialty yarn! I've seen one baby quilt tied with eyelash yarn-she had to tie it an extra knot, but this makes a very interesting tie to a tot! Also, I can here fellow quilters gasp, "you aren't washing that quilt in the washing machine!?". The answer is well, yes, because that is how my Mom and sister will deal with it (they are vying for the quilt). They know enough to put it on gentle, and most times it will be hung to dry outside. Doesn't work when it's 23 degrees out.

Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America won't be Camp Snoopy after this month. All the Snoopy stuff has to be removed. I can't imagine anything that will be comparable-the Snoopy figures just MADE that little amusement park. I've only been to Mall of America a handful of times (the roller coaster is very tame) despite living only an hour from it, but that was one of my favorite places to see-so much happiness going on there!

Still working on the Banff Sweater. I hope to give you a pictoral update tomorrow or Friday.

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