Monday, January 02, 2006

Photo Finish!

Here is a photo of my completed bug quilt. It's a full-sized quilt, but on a queen sized bed (only place I can actually take a photo of the whole thing). I stitched-in-the-ditch around the red stars and then meander quilted the border. I considered quilting in the center areas where the bug fabrics are but it just seemed excessive. I've quilted a few butterflies and dragonflies, but that was it. It was nice to have another finish, right to the wire (I finished the binding on Dec. 31).

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Ok, here is a photo of my completed Depression Quilt queen-sized quilt top. I will finish the quilt during January. It is being displayed (a little kattywampus) on a full-sized bed. This photo was actually taken at a different house than the other one! This quilt emptied 2 boxes of scraps. I have a couple more blocks to make from the squares remaining. These and the other extras(about 5) will go on the back. I'm just trying to determine if I already have fabric that I can use for the back. I've been steadily using up fabric that just doesn't go with anything else on the backs of quilts. Since I am tying, not quilting,I prefer large pieces of fabric rather than a bunch of little ones. It feels nicer.

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