Friday, December 30, 2005

Top Is Done!

I managed to finish the Depression Quilt top today! Looks pretty nice and I will upload a photo when I can. It went together quickly once the blocks were complete as the blocks could go together any which way.

I now plan to finish the binding on the Bug Quilt. Poor kitties are wondering where all their lap time is going. It's snowing (all day) and no lap? Ptolemy is the worst, so he will be on my lap while binding. He's somewhat moveable (read: lighter weight than the other moose). I also did a few blocks of my charm quilt, finally deciding how to get the look I want when I put these together. They will be color-blocks of triangles. I'm trying to get emerging mountains--yeah, well, the only time that truly worked was when a gal used all blue, but I'll try.

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