Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blocks Are Done!

I've finally finished the blocks for the Depression Quilt!! All 56 of them! Tomorrow, I'll start sewing them together. My sister and BIL's return has been delayed due to an incoming snowstorm. They drove out in one and pretty much had enough of bad weather driving. Maybe they'll find something fun to do tomorrow in Milwaukee? Anyway, this just means more block sewing, but, alas, for you, no photo updates until I get home. So, it looks like I still might get this quilt top done before the end of the year. The bug quilt binding is nearly done. I should get that done tomorrow during the kitty cats' 1 hour lay-all-over-me-and-purr daily event. The kitty that was most timid with me now seems to be my constant companion.

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