Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Morning all, I hope your day is enjoyable! We have an almost soggy Christmas out there, but heck. That's better than the -25 F (I'm not kidding) we had one Christmas Day. That year, my cousin had to keep starting her car every hour to be sure the engine didn't freeze or it wouldn't start (alas, she didn't have an engine block heater). I made it to my parents yesterday. In the van? Noooo.. wouldn't start (of course). Happily, my brother's vehicle (an old Berretta) worked fine (just lacks working turning signals and a rear view mirror). Drives nice though.

I didn't realize that my Christmas present to my parents (DVD-March of the Penguins) would challenge them. Their television system hasn't been working right for awhile and so, now my Mom is inspired to get my brothers to fix the darn thing so she can watch her DVD. Guess what they are doing this a.m.!? We will be back to our respective rural MN spots this evening.

I just have a few little presents. A miniature, battery powered lava lamp. Very cute. I also have two Magnetic Poetry Kits. One is called Genius (why use a 4 letter word when a 12 letter word will do?) and Country Songs (for them with busted up hearts). I look forward to my daily silly moments. Oh, and this years' Knitting Pattern Day-by-Day calender! More things to knit!

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