Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Quiltings Are Happening!

I am happy to report that I have finished the planned quilting on the
Bug Quilt and am currently hand sewing the binding to the back. Once finished, I will decide if I want to add any additional quilting (such as butterflies and dragonflies). To give myself a break (moving a quilt around is harder than it seems day after day), I am working on making the blocks for the Depression Quilt. I had planned to finish this scrappy top before the end of the year and it looks like I will make it. I have 14 blocks done (need a total of 56) and they are going along well. Although I originally planned this quilt to have a border, I have so many squares that I will likely go borderless. I will likely make this into a comfortor and tie it.

Of course, the van won't start again. I didn't actually need to go anywhere, but it just leaves you with this feeling of being stuck (is that my suburban habit showing through?).

edited to add: Link to Depression Quilt (

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Finn said...

Hi Stephanie, I linked to you blog from someone's sidebar..was intrigued by the name of it..*S*

I'm just over the border here into WI..nice to see someone from near by. Love your quilts and checked out some of your other projects also. You really get alot done..I love the Kitty Cat quilt..that's so neat where they are in pairs.
Sounds like you are surviving the house sitting and county life. But home will feel good again, I'm sure. Hope your Christmas is merry and bright...*VBS*